Working with Communities to Mitigate Environmental Pollution

TerraGraphics International Foundation

TerraGraphics International Foundation (TIFO) specializes in reducing human health risks associated with exposure to environmental contaminants. We assist communities, governments, universities, and other NGOs to develop remediation projects.


The projects apply accepted environmental health intervention and remediation methodologies to local cultural and socio-economic conditions. TIFO also provides training and education to develop local expertise and build local capacity. We specialize in remediating and preventing exposure to heavy metal contamination.


TIFO is a public non-profit organization 501c(3).


Your dontations will go toward helping mitigate environmental pollution among the most vulnerable pollutions of the world and sharing valuable technical knowledge.

We have opportunities for partnerships in various projects around the world


SIMBA I DONT THINK THIS WAS ON ORIG SITE. TOO REPETITIVE. DUMP AND MAYBE REPLACE WITH GOALS AND VISION STUFFTo work with communities to mitigate environmental pollution and build technical skills capacity in low income countries

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