The Right to Live and Work in a Healthy Environment

TIFO works with vulnerable mining and recycling communities to improve environmental health. We recognize the socio-economic realities in these communities; people need jobs, society needs heavy metals, and sustainable and equitable solutions require on meaningful community involvement. TIFO prioritizes collaboration with local leaders, governments, and NGOs to develop and implement solutions that mitigate health risks and promote responsible environmental practices.

The booming artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) industry is one of our focal areas . ASM produces 20% of the world’s gold, 25% of the world's cobalt, and employs up to 100 million people worldwide. Yet this pathway out of poverty can have disastrous consequences. Artisanal miners often lack access to dedicated tools, safety equipment, and workspaces. Families are often exposed to dangerous metals, and children are especially vulnerable to lifelong impairments from exposures.

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How You Can Help

We envision a world where all communities have the knowledge and skills to protect future generations and maintain livelihoods. Join us in making that vision a reality.


Many do not realize the scale and impact of ASM, nor the use of these minerals in consumer goods. Increasing awareness encourages companies and governments to support safer practices.


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Until December 31, 2020, a generous donor is offering a 200% donation match. When you give $50, they will match with $100 .

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Reduced hazardous exposure for

46,000 people


Led $5 million of health response and cleanup work

Remediated 1,500 homes

Trained 500 students, personnel, and technicians

Removed 35,000 cubic meters of contaminated soils

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Zamfara and Niger States, Nigeria

Emergency Lead Response

Yerevan, Armenia

Environmental Health Course


Dakar, Senegal

ULAB Cleanup

Kyrgyz Republic

Risk Assessment

Far East, Russia

Pilot Cleanup

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Occupational Health Risk Assessment

Haina, Dominican Republic

ULAB Cleanup

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Individual contributions make these projects possible. 


average daily rate for in-country field personnel


one environmental health capacity-building session for 8-12 students


5-10 environmental samples analyzed at a local in-country laboratory


one-way travel for a TIFO volunteer to get to a project site

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Support communities in improving environmental health.


Until December 31, 2020, a generous donor is offering a 200% match. When you give $50, they will give an additional $100 .

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