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Global Livingston Institute

Founded in 2009, GLI is an independent research institute dedicated to improving communities globally. GLI’s mission is to convene global communities to learn and advance best practices in community development and create equitable, sustainable, and culturally responsive solutions to challenges in the areas of health, economic development, and the environment. In order to achieve this mission, GLI believes it is essential that we listen and think before acting. GLI’s programs seek to foster cultural and intellectual relationships between people in the United States and East Africa and assist in establishing programs that positively impact communities. Scholars engage in immersion experiences with their counterparts in Uganda and Rwanda on equal footing to reevaluate core principles of international development and place stakeholders’ needs at the center of any action plan. In coordination with the cultural exchange experiences we provide, GLI also has a series of social impact programs that focus on public health, economic development, and the environment.

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