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Partner Organizations

Alta Science and Engineering Inc.

Alta Science & Engineering, Inc. (Alta) believes that positive impacts can be made for communities and the environment by working together.

Center for Health in the Human Ecosystem

CHHE is a multidisciplinary and collaborative center for excellence at the University of Idaho with a mission of building a more sustainable human ecosystem through research, teaching, and outreach.

Environmental Defender Law Center

EDLC identifies cases and enlists top lawyers to help communities stop unwanted resource development projects.

Global Livingston Institute

A world where people from all walks of life listen, think, and act together on equal footing in order to improve communities globally.

Institute for Community Partnerships and Sustainable Development

Institute for Community Partnerships and Sustainable Development (ICPSD) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to achieve efficiency and resiliency in communities in Africa through the convergence of local knowledge, culture, science, and technology.

North American Native Research and Education Foundation

NANREF provides educational and research opportunities to Native American students.

Norwich University CGRS and PaWC

The Center for Global Resilience (CGRS) and the Peace and War Center (PaWC) at Norwich University are leading a joint initiative in Environmental Security along with the Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation (AEHS).

The Environmental Health Council

The Environmental Health Council (EHC) is an international, interdisciplinary, non-profit organization dedicated to identifying, evaluating, and remediating environmental contaminants.

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