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​We envision a world where all communities have the knowledge and skills to protect the health of future generations and maintain livelihoods. To realize this vision, we focus on the following impact areas:

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Environmental Health & Remediation

TIFO delivers scientifically rigorous environmental health protocols that are adapted and implemented by local stakeholders to address acute and chronic health crises related to mining, recycling, and other hazardous industries.

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Education & Research

TIFO mentors students from around the world, building capacity in the next generation of scientists and leaders through field-based research and dynamic courses. These experiences utilize past and ongoing environmental health case-studies from around the world.

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Climate Change & Environmental Security

Environmental crises do not recognize borders; the links between climate change, conflict, and mining are increasingly apparent as people turn to informal sector jobs as alternatives to traditional livelihoods, and as demand for low-carbon technologies drives mineral economies.

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Reduced hazardous  exposures for >46,000 people

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Led $5 million USD of health response and cleanup work

Remediated 1,500 homes


Trained >500 students, personnel, and technicians

Removed >35,000 cubic meters of contaminated soils


Child & Maternal Health

Women and children are exceptionally vulnerable to exposures to environmental contaminants, and children in low and middle-income countries are 5-times more likely to suffer health effects from pollution. By making the environment safer for women and children, we improve environmental health for the entire community.

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Mining & Recycling Communities

From gold to lead to rare earth metals, many of today's commodities are produced by artisanal and small-scale miners and informal recyclers. Solutions to the complex challenges these communities face must be developed, implemented, and sustained by local leaders and based on scientifically-sound environmental and occupational health practices.

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Capacity Building

TIFO's approach to projects encourages responsible governance and builds environmental health capacity from local to national levels. We collaborate with local partners, governments, and humanitarian organizations to address environmental injustices and support sustainable community-driven solutions.

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