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Welcome to TIFO: Safeguarding Environmental Health

Welcome to the TerraGraphics International Foundation (TIFO) blog space. We are excited to have you here.

What is TIFO?

In a nutshell, TIFO prevents pollution from poisoning people. We do this by building lasting partnerships to bring positive change to people harmed by extractive industries. Our mission is to safeguard environmental health by providing scientifically sound education and workforce development that build leadership, catalyze change, and are grounded in local knowledge.

Real Lives, Real Environmental Health Challenges

We all rely on extractive industries. Every time we use a phone or computer, drive a car or charge a device, we are using resources extracted from the earth. But we are not all directly affected by the dangers of those industries. The extraction of resources from the earth affects the most vulnerable people in the world’s most vulnerable communities—at home and abroad. Every day, people in these communities face unsafe food and water, insecure housing, and a choice between health and earning a day's wage. That’s unjust.

Real Solutions, Safer Futures

By combining rigorous science with local knowledge, TIFO equips people with the education, training, and workforce development necessary to improve environmental health without sacrificing their livelihoods. When you partner with TIFO you provide solutions by

  • Advancing technical capacity through collaboration and knowledge exchange

  • Supporting health interventions for the most vulnerable populations

  • Providing responsible management of dangerous waste materials

Partner with TIFO today!

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